Heraldische Aantekeningen



Von Ripperda zu Petkum
Bolo von Ripperda, lord of Petkum, and his sisters used the following quartered coat-of-arms1.

Shield: Quarterly: I and IV, Sable (black), a knight in armour on horseback wielding a sword Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II and III, per fess Gule (red) and Vert (green), and over all a rampant lion Argent (silver) (for Petkum)
Crests: Crests: I, Issuant from a coronet a dragon rampant with a plain collar Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II, Issuant from a coronet a fleur-de-lis Argent (silver) (for Petkum)
Mantling: Mantling: I, Sable (black) doubled Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II, Gule (red) and Vert (green) doubled Argent (silver) (for Petkum).
Supporters: Supporters: Two rampant griffins Or (gold)



1 Described and depicted in the nobility diploma of 3 September 1676 issued by Emperor Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire.

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