Heraldische Aantekeningen



The original coat-of-arms of the house of Ripperda is as follows::

Shield: Sable (black), a knight in armour on horseback wielding a sword Or (gold).
Crest: Issuant from a coronet1 a dragon rampant with a plain collar Or (gold).
Mantling: Mantling: Sable (black) doubled Or (gold).
Supporters: Supporters: Two griffins rampant Or (gold).
Motto: Cum Deo

Members of this family have historically used varous versions of this coat-of-arms. Some were elaborate including supporters and crowns/coronets denoting rank. Others used different colours. As such, there are examples of the shield Azure (blue) with the knight Or (gold); the shield Or (gold) with the knight Sable (black); the shield Gules (red) with the knight Argent (silver); and the shield Gules (red) with the knight Or (gold).

The original coat-of-arms, as used by the first generations until Unico II Ripperda, had Saint George with a dragon as the principal charge. This early version can still be found on several seals as well as some tomb stones in the church of Farmsum. Unico II’s children, however, appear to have dropped Saint George with the dragon in favour of the more simple knight on horseback. This version has been used ever since2.


1This is a German/Dutch crown of nobility (“Adelskrone”)
2See Redmer Alma.

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