Heraldische Aantekeningen




Friedrich Unico Wilhelm von Ripperda-Cosyn was the first of his line to use the following, quartered coat-of-arms. However, many of his descendants continued to use the original Ripperda coat-of-arms.

Shield: Quarterly: I and IV, Sable (black), a knight in armour on horseback wielding a sword Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II and III, Azure (blue), three birds Argent (silver) (2, 1) (for Cosyn/Cousin)
Crest: Crests: I, Issuant from a coronet a dragon rampant with a plain collar Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II, Upon a wreath Azure (blue) and Argent (silver), two wings Argent (silver) (for Cosyn/Cousin) (sometimes also: Upon a wreath Azure (blue) and Argent (silver), a bird Argent)
Mantling: I, Sable (black) doubled Or (gold) (for Ripperda); II, Azure (blue) doubled Argent (silver) (for Cosyn/Cousin
Supporters: Two rampant griffins Or (gold)
Motto: Cum Deo

The shield is usually crowned with a German baron’s crown/coronet (Freiherrnkrone).

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