This website is entirely dedicated to the old, noble house of Ripperda. I hope to give you an insight into the rich history of this ancient family – a history which is intertwined with that of Groningen, Overijssel, East Frisia, Westphalia and, in some instances, even Europe itself. 

We hope to shed some light on the extensive 16th and 17th century family networks as they stretched across the Dutch-German borders. As such, close links between an inner sanctum of powerful, local noble families become apparent. 

Unico I Ripperda, who ruled as the local chieftain in Farmsum and provost of Loppersum, has long been recognised as the formal progenitor of this family. He was mentioned in a document of Duke Albert II of Bavaria as “Oeneke Rypertzoen”, which seems to indicate that a certain “Rypert/Rippert/Rupert” could have been his father. However, as there is no clear evidence to support this assumption, we have decided to keep Unico I as the formal starting point in the Ripperda genealogy. 

The information on this site is based on the book, "Genealogie van het Geslacht Ripperda" by Pieter W.G. van Agteren. 

We hope that you will find this website interesting.


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